Central System Loaders


Feature for feature, Vectra loaders are engineered to give you more than any other vacuum material receiver. The heavy-duty carbon steel body makes Vectra loaders resistant to the toughest industrial applications. Vectra loaders are used in various configurations; as a single unit with a dedicated vacuum pump, or in a system consisting of multiple units with a centralized vacuum pump. In the centralized version, a single vacuum line connects multiple receivers to a common pump. This pump powers all receivers, one at a time in a demand sequence operated by a central vacuum controller.

Vectra loaders are modular. They can be easily expanded, retrofitted, or enhanced to meet needs of the dynamic industrial environment.

Vectra loaders are designed to offer features and quality that are superior to any other vacuum receiver on the market.






  • All carbon steel construction, durable and resistant to abrasive materials
  • Stainless steel pellet screen
  • Positive closing discharge valve
  • Full flexibility in adjusting the orientation of the vacuum valve and material inlet
  • Integrated loader support.
  • Steep, 65° cone to increase flow, optimizing discharge of hard flowing materials
  • Filter, regulator and gauge for compressed air supply
  • Conic discharge for a uniform material flow
  • Designed for easy cleaning to prevent material accumulation.
  • Easy field retrofits and upgrades
  • Patented material level switch (eliminates electronic sensors)
  • 120 volt operation
  • Same day shipment on standard models




  • External, dual material ratio valve
  • External Common material valve
  • “Receiver full” proximity sensor
  • Flapper discharge
  • Wiring junction box
  • Closed loop
  • “T” vacuum valve
  • High temperature package
  • Abrasive material package
  • Remotely mounted demand proximity sensor
  • Various voltage options: 24Vac, 24Vdc and 240Vac


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