Distribution Boxes


Hamilton's Bulk Distribution Boxes are modular and
additional material outlets may be added as your
needs grow. Any module may be directed
towards your material destination to ensure the
easiest possible line routing. All box modules are
the industry standard 16-inch square bolt pattern to
allow for a wide variety of line sizes, draining, and
easy cleanout options.

  • Aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Easy air to material  adjustment
  • Modular, additional outlets maybe added when needed.




Trap material clogs before they clog your conveying system


"Angel hair," "streamers" or "skins," created by high-velocity
conveying of soft material, can clog your conveying system
by blocking distribution box tubes or creating material bridges
in hoppers. Hamilton's Angel Hair Remover provides a
stainless steel screen in the material flow path to filter
out the clogging material and allow it to be easily removed
from the system. Usually fitted at the base of a silo or
storage bin, the Angel Hair Remover should be installed
below a Hamilton Slide Gate (see below) and above your
main Distribution Box. The unit fits the same 16" square
bolt pattern as Hamilton's entire line of Distribution Box components.