Combined Vacuum/Pressure Pumps


A bulk unloading and storage system can increase your productivity
and plant efficiency while decreasing your labor, material, and energy cost.
Hamilton has the capability to  tailor a railcar unloading and
storage system to meet your specific application.

Our combined pumps are ideal for when floor space is at a
premium and where the pump location is equal distances
from the source and destination. Systems can be offered
as a complete single frame encompassing pump and
filter receiver , or on a separate frame for the pump
and filter receiver if required. Packages are offered
in either a single motor dual blower configuration or
in single motor single blower for lower throughputs.  

Customized controls are provided with graphic panels
that indicate component operation and include a variety
of level signals and operating lights to the system
requirements. Hamilton will provide a turn-key
system, including storage silos, in-plant blending
equipment, processing machine filling and all
auxiliary equipment as well as supervision
of installation.



Standard Features

  • Conveying rates up to 30,000 lbs./hr
  • 3",4"and 5" line sizes available
  • self-cleaning filter reciever
  • Rotary airlock valve
  • Shear protector
  • vacuum breaker valve
  • in-line pump protection filter
  • High efficiency TEFC motors
  • Heavy duty silencer on vacuum pump
  • Material high level switch for receiver
  • Vacuum and pressure safety relief valves
  • Electrical starters
  • PLC controls