Sprue Pickers


Performance, speed, maintenance requirements, ease of programming, stability and durability…all key attributes of the Hamilton swing robots make them ideally suited for sprue separation or parts removal on injection molding machines up to 200 tons.



  • Four pneumatically driven axes- vertical, horizontal or kick, swing and gripper wrist. Wrist rotation is standard.
  • Fast take out times of about 1.0 seconds and overall cycle time of 4 seconds (EW255)
  • Self lubricating pneumatic drive system affords very low maintenance and exceptional reliability.
  • Modular construction to ensure precision and ease of replacement.
  • Linear bearings on main axes and all other axes for maintenance free and smooth operation.
  • Oil less seals have no preventive maintenance requirements.
  • Proximity switch at the end point of motions to ensure completion of movement and provide safety.
  • Main frame is a solid and rigid forged and welded steel construction providing adequate stability.
  • High quality pneumatic/ pipe lines ensure smooth operating conditions and long life.
  • Adjustable speeds on all axes.
  • Adjustable robot arm position .
  • Local parts availability and training, service and installation support provided by trained Hamilton technician


      User friendly control with teach-in
  • 6 standard programs for easy setup
  • 25 program can be freely taught and stored
  • Hand held pendant houses a back light LCD display
  • Operational sequences set up parameters are permanently saved even if power is shut off
  • Error and diagnostic message with alarm and I/O display
  • Auto-maintenance instruction requirements following a preset cycle.
  • Interface is matched E-12 and SPI
  • Incorrect or unsafe motion cannot be accepted by the program. Displays warning message.
  • Production counters available such as number of cycles, reject parts and cycle time monitoring

End of arm tooling and support can be provided


X- Axis
  • This x-axis and y-axis can be turned on its rotary base away from the mold platen area to allow mold changes.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers for efficient kick stroke damping.
  • Adjustable guide track on rails to move axis and position as required to the part or sprue

Y- Axis

  • Heavy duty adjustable shock absorbers to minimize vibration and ensure smooth deceleration from high speeds.
  • Anti-drop cylinder with switch and sensor to prevent arms from descending in the event of loss of air pressure and safety switch arrangement to stop injection molding machine.
  • Compact gripper, only 20mm for tight mold access to the front or rear of machine.
Z- Axis
  • Adjustable 45 degrees to 90 degrees swing angle to clear safety gate.
  • Can be adjusted very simply to place parts on rear or operator side.
  • Switches on cylinder monitor the top and bottom position of stroke for completion


  • With monitoring and rotation 90 degrees. ( Not available on B type)


  • Vacuum generator with sensor. (Not available on B type.)




Y YM1 YM2 Hmax
W275B 550 120-220 330-430 1315
W277B 700 120-220 480-580 1465
W 275C 550 120-220 330-430 1315
W 277C 700 120-220 480-580 1465

Power: 110*/220 volt AC Air pressure 4~6 kg/cm²

Amps 1 @ 220 volt Suitable I.M.M. 50 ~ 200 ton

* Optional