SVL 100 Venturi Loader





The compact SVL Venturi Loader makes it easy to provide
trouble- free loading wherever you need it. Using compressed,
air the SVLís highly efficient venturi draws material from drums,
bins or gaylords. From there, the material is conveyed by
compressed air Venturi to the stainless steel receiving hopper
that can be mounted to virtually any vessel or machine throat.
Using a unique, low maintenance filter assembly, material is
separated from the conveying air stream and deposited directly
into a bin or machine throat. The wide-open Tube Loader body
keeps material flowing without bridging and without a discharge
valve common to other types of loaders. A demand sensor tells
the SVL when to load and when it is full. Material flow is
easily adjusted for throughput, conveying distance and air
Conservation with the included air pressure
regulator and gauge
















SVL - 100


  • Euro style, compact in size and lightweight

  • Stainless steel material hopper and base
    ensure no contamination of material

  • Filtered exhaust

  • Silent operation

  • Polished surface.

  • Capacitive sensor mounted onto sightglass for
    accurate level sensing of material
  • Quick release base clamp on base for ease of cleaning.

  • Adjustable orientation of hopper and base

  • Quick installation and easy operation

  • Compressed air filter and regulator to eliminate moisture and maintain steady air pressure.



1. Base 2. O-ring 3. Flange clamp 4. Hopper 5. Material baffle 6. Air filter
7. Filter clamp 8. Sensor 9. Conveying tube 10. Air line 11. Compressed-air filter & regulator

Venturi loaders use fast flowing pressurized air to create a vacuum that is used to convey plastic granuales. air pressure is around 70-90 PSI.

Model Conveying
capacity (Lbs/hr)
Material hopper
Max. conveying
distance (ft)
Conveying hose
Length of flex hose
Dimensions (inch)
(H X W X D)
SVL -100 400 0.1 20 1.25 10 21.23x8x9.5 15
Note: Voltage 1,115volt 50/60 Hz